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Celebes Rainbow


Celebes Rainbow

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Product Description

Celebes Rainbow For Sale

This stunning rainbowfish has remained an aquarium favorite since its introduction in the 1930's. The Celebes Rainbow has beautiful color combinations of striking blues and golds that are remarkably pleasing to the eye. Their magnificent fins are wispy and translucent on mature males, with the two dorsal fins on top creating a 'sail-like' effect, and long filaments cascading out from the tail fin. Additional interest is found in the back half of the Celebes Rainbow, which is translucent enough for an organ sac to be visible. The Celebes Rainbow is the only member of the genus Marosatherina. 

It's best to house this fish in at least a 20-gallon tank, but bigger is better. Keep at most one Rainbowfish per 2-gallons, when they're small. Larger Rainbowfish need about 4-gallons per Rainbowfish. Large Rainbowfish need even more water per fish and larger aquarium.

Scientific Name: Marosatherina ladigesi (previously Telmatherina ladigesi)  

Common Name: Celebes Rainbow, Celebes Sailfish, Celebes Sailfin, Celebes Rainbow Fish

Family: Telmatherinidae

Order: Atheriniformes 

Genus: Marosatherina

Size: In aquariums Celebes Rainbows can grow to be about 3.25" long, including their tails.

Origin: The beautiful Celebes Rainbow is found in both fresh and brackish water environments in Indonesia, specifically Sulawesi (formerly Celebes).

Habitat: The Celebes Rainbow live in fast flowing brackish estuaries where the freshwater rivers flow into the ocean. Because of this turbulence, the waters they live in have a very high oxygen content. The Celebes Sailfish congregate in floating plants and drift wood where they hunt under the safety of cover for worms, insects and plants.

Diet: Omnivore. Celebes Rainbows happily devour worms, insects, and plants in the wild. In captivity, they should be fed a balanced diet including live and processed foods to maintain good health. Feed this beautiful rainbowfish two to three times daily, but give them only what they can consume in less than 5 minutes.

Temperament: Peaceful; Celebes Rainbows are actually a bit timid by nature, and need an aquarium with plenty of plant life. Once they've become comfortable, they Celebes Rainbowfish do not particularily like a great deal of moving around.

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate - Easy to take care of if all needs are met. Celebes Rainbows are very sensitive to their surroundings and often die of common, otherwise curable diseases. Even advanced aquarists can struggle to keep this freshwater fish healthy if it's not properly cared for. 

Captive Requirements: Celebes Rainbows need very clean water and it needs to be medium to hard, and are sensitive to water changes. Beginners interested in this fish may want to get some experience with easier fish before attempting to keep this rainbow fish

Reproduction: Moderate; The Celebes Rainbowfish is not too difficult to breed. A separate breeding tank should be prepared with plenty of fine leaved plants to catch the eggs. Some plants to try are Cabomba, Mifoil, and Riccia or Java Moss. Some aquarists have trouble getting them to spawn, but slightly cooler temperatures may do the trick. A spawning mop can be used in place of the plants. The Celebes Rainbows will distribute the eggs and they will hatch in about a week. Parents should be removed before the eggs hatch, although the eggs are large, the fry are small. Once hatched, feed them commercially prepared fry foods. Do not introduce the young rainbowfish into the main tank until they are safely large enough not to be eaten which could be as long as 5 months.

Additional Information: The Celebes Rainbowfish should never be housed in a tank with fin nippers. Because the fins are so intricate and can be different on each individual, it is often difficult to tell when a fin has been damaged or not. 

Water Requirements: 72.0 to 82.0° F (22.2 to 27.8° C) / pH range 7.0-8.0 / Hardness range 10 - 20 dGH / 

Water Changes: Weekly - 20-30% water change. These fascinating fish require very clean, medium to hard water on the alkaline side of neutral. Keep in mind these rainbowfish are very sensitive to water changes so make sure weekly water changes are done and water is tested frequently. These fish are brackish, and sometimes a little salt in the water, about a half tsp per gallon, can help a lot.

Lifespan: The Celebes Rainbow has been known to live 3 to 5 years when kept in a well maintained aquarium.

Determining Sex: As juveniles they are difficult to sex, but as they get older male Celebes Rainbows will develop long filament extensions off the fins. The male coloration is also slightly stronger. 

Minimum Tank Requirements: The Celebes Rainbow requires at least a 20 gallon aquarium. As with many fish, these rainbowfish will do best and are most effectively displayed in tanks which simulate their natural habitat. They are small fish but need the room because they are very active freshwater fish. The tank should be heavily planted. This will make them feel safe as well bring out their colors. But they will also need open spaces to swim between planted areas, and this will give the males the space needed. However, 60 gallons is advisable for a school of 6 or more of these active swimmers.

Freshwater Fish Compatibility: They prefer harder water then most but seem to mix best with other Rainbows, Livebearers, MolliesDanios, Barbs, Gouramis, halfbeaks, and gobies. They are very active but not aggressive and should never be housed in a tank with fin nippers.

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