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Clown Loach


Clown Loach

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Product Description

Pet Clown Loach For Sale

The Clown Loach (also tiger botia), Chromobotia macracanthus, is a tropical pet freshwater fish belonging to the botiid loach family. The pet Clown Loach is the sole member of the Chromobotia genus. The Clown Loach originates in inland waters in Indonesia on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo and is a popular fish in the freshwater aquarium trade. In aquariums, Clown Loaches can grow to be 12" long, including their tails. Clown Loaches are active swimmers and quarrel gently with each other but are rarely aggressive. They need a cave to hide in and spend a lot time hidden away to then come out and flash their beautiful colors and pattern. Sometimes Clown Loaches pile on top of each other or lie on their sides, pretending to look sick or dead, hence their name.

Recommended tank mates for Clown Loaches include Barbs, Rainbowfish, Danios, Gouramis, and many other small to medium size aquarium fish. Clown Loaches are most comfortable at about 78 degrees F and are best housed in at least a 30-gallon tank when less than 3" long. A larger aquarium is always best for this pet freshwater fish. Allow at least 3-gallons of water for each Clown Loach under 3" long. They grow at a moderate rate and at about 3" should move into a 40 to 60-gallon aquarium. Eventually your Clown Loach will need to live in a much bigger aquarium with 150 to 300-gallons of water. Clown Loaches do not need gravel, and a layer of gravel more than 1/4" thick will usually fill with bits of uneaten food that will contaminate the water. Clown Loaches seem to do better in aquariums with live plants and aquarium-safe driftwood. The addition of Lava Rocks will keep nitrates in the ideal range.

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