Live pet fish orders over $140.00 (on live pet fish orders only) 

Shipping charges for Live Freshwater Fish are $44.95 per order, and $44.95 for Live Saltwater Fish. We ship via FedEx. 

Live fish are shipped in containment made especially for live pet fish. All other products are shipped by weight - Please be sure to check the appropriate shipping option at checkout. 

When Your Fish Arrive

Feed your established pet fish just before you add your new fish. Well fed fish are less aggressive than hungry fish and feeding your fish will lessen the amount of stress on the new fish.

Move the ornaments around in your aquarium so the landscape looks different to your established fish, and they will not be so eager to defend their old territories. This will lessen the stress on the new fish and give them a chance to acclimate in their new environment without interference from your established fish.

Open the box containing your new fish in dimmed light. The fish have been shipped in complete darkness. Bright lights will greatly increase their level of stress.

Turn the lights off in your aquarium for 12 to 24 hours after you've added new fish to allow the new fish to rest and recover from their trip. 

Treat tap water aquariums with a Water Conditioner such as Fluval's AquaPlus Water Conditioner and Aquarium Salt (A.S) at 1/2-dose strength.

How to Un-bag Your New Fish

Cut the top off of the bag with a pair of scissors.

Pour almost all of the water from the bag into a clean bucket, but leave the fish in the bag. Pour the fish and the remaining small amount of water into your fish's new home.

Do not float the bag.

Do not slowly add your water to the bag.

Do not aerate the water in the bag.

It should not shock the new fish if the temperature or chemistry of the water in the bag is different from the water in their new home, provided you have cleaned your aquarium, washed the gravel, and added fresh water on the previous day.