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Scribbled Rabbitfish

$44.95 $39.99
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Scribbled Rabbitfish

$44.95 $39.99
(You save $4.96)
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Product Description

Pet Scribbled Rabbitfish For Sale

The Scribbled Rabbitfish is a magnificently colored fish with it’s metallic blue, silver, green and yellows. The intricate patterns on this saltwater fish are sure to please the eye. The pet Scribbled Rabbitfish isn’t only a pretty face, it serves a definite function as it will gladly consume hair algae, valonia, and red turf algae.

Scientific Name: Siganus doliatus

Common Name: Blue-lined Rabbitfish, Coral Rabbitfish, Scribbled Rabbitfish

Size: 2.5-4.5 inches and matures to 10 inches in captivity

Origin: West Pacific to Eastern Australia

Habitat: The Scribbled Rabbitfish is found traveling in pairs in coastal reefs.

Aggressiveness Rating: These beautiful saltwater fish are relatively non-aggressive. Scribbled Rabbitfish will display mild aggression towards a new addition, but will rarely engage in violent behavior. Pet Rabbitfish are relatively peaceful and will not likely harass other peaceful tankmates. As juveniles, Rabbitfish will frequently school but become more aggressive as adults as they establish their territory. You should be cautious when adding a pet Scribbled Rabbitfish to a reef aquarium as it is noted it may occasionally nip at large polyp stony corals as well as soft corals. 

Captive Requirements: These saltwater fish do best in established reef tanks. Large amounts of live rock for grazing are preferred. Standard reef tank parameters are optimal. A tank of at least 120 gallons is necessary to prepare for the potentially large adult size. Once acclimated, they are very hardy, and will live many years in captivity. Care must be taken when handling these fish. A stab from their spines can cause severe pain.

Reef Tank Compatibility: Proceed with caution when considering reef compatability. Scribbled or blue-lined rabbitfish are best kept in an established reef tank. Pet Scribbled Rabbitfish are safe when kept with corals and will ignore ornamental crustaceans and invertebrates. While there have been reports of Scribbled Rabbitfish consuming corals, the vast majority will ignore these creatures in favor of the competing algae. Furthermore supplementation of prepared foods will make the fish less prone to pick at the reef. Attention must be paid to the potential large size this saltwater fish can attain, the accompanying increase in bio-load and the potential side affects this can have on the invertebrates in a reef display.

Reproduction: Rabbitfish become sexually mature after one year. They produce up to five hundred thousand eggs each season. Their larval stage is three to four weeks, and will require both phytoplankton and zooplankton to feed. These fish hold potential for future marine aquaculture.

Diet: Feed your pet Scribbled Rabbitfish varied diet consisting of large chunks of meaty foods. These foods include krill, raw table shrimp, squid, clam and mussel. It is also a good idea to occasionally supplement your pet Scribbled Rabbitfish with some type of herbivore diet.

Additional Information: There are about 30 species of Rabbitfish in total, many of which look very similar. Scribbled Rabbitfish have an abnormally high number of spines on their fins, all of which are venomous. Care must be taken when handling this saltwater fish to avoid a pain-full stab. In the wild the Scribbled Rabbitfish usually travel in pairs, but are known to school on occasion. Juveniles and adults are harversted in great numbers for the food trade. Scribbled Rabbitfish are considered an important food source in many countries. These marine fish will readily accept supplemental feedings of macro algae from a refugium.

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